If you have ever lost your luggage

If you have ever lost your luggage

RTInsights is now publishing my articles! If you would like to see this week’s edition on how the IoT can help airline passengers track their luggage, check out my article at https://www.rtinsights.com/how-iot-technology-can-solve-the-lost-luggage-problem/

Here is just a taste of the article:

“Recently, Delta Airlines was scheduled to take my family from Boston to Detroit to Rome, so we could drive to Tuscany, but the trip went off the rails. To make a long story short, due to weather conditions we were rerouted onto several flights that did not go as planned. We finally had to run to another terminal to fly with Air France.

Air France took us to Rome — but without our bags. The people at baggage claim were pleasant but could not give us any information, so they tried to placate us by saying the bags would likely arrive on the first flight the following day. We took them at their word and cut our trip to Tuscany a day short so we could go with our bags.

The bags did not arrive and accurate information was not forthcoming. We went to Tuscany and spent the next four days calling Delta, Air France’s bag tracking office, and Alitalia’s Rome office and received different answers until our bags finally arrived. What happened?”


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